c3-6 1.jpgc63-13867419784_836e33bc3e_h.jpg13818884034_b180db88f4_h.jpg43. Glenorchy Sandstorm.jpg13736601764_39dee539a2_h.jpg13697758763_c31d488e48_h.jpg129_MG_7857-2.jpg205. The Undead Trees.jpg10093943044_a10ca89f30_b.jpg14111317317_192bb844b8_h.jpg142.jpgThe Perfect Wallpaper.jpg54.jpg12.jpg38.jpg34.jpg5.jpg147.jpg143.jpg166.jpg173.jpg19.jpg175.jpg

Welcome to the website of Malaysian landscape photographer Fakrul Jamil.

Fakrul is a self-taught photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is very passionate in landscape photography. Fakrul spend most of his free time photographing colourful landscape and seascape images. Most of his photos were captured using filters and during sunset or sunrise.

On this website, you will see a wide selection of Fakrul’s best work and he also writes occasionally about the philosophy behind some of his photos in the blog section. Fakrul’s work and services are available for sale, if you require more information please contact him either by email at fakruljamil@gmail.com or via the contact page.